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by Secret Beach

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released January 3, 2013



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Secret Beach New York, New York

Secret Beach is Matt Magelof and Nicole Zumpano

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Track Name: Unlearning
Come to me, my unlearning,
I call on you as most do when set aside...
Call to me, my unlearning! I crawl to you,
and bark right through it, petrified!

Aren't you tryna live life like a book?
Or are you tryna live life by the books??

Well I just wanna be comfy, &&I'm just doing my thing!!!!!
Cuz I just wanna be comfy, yeah I'm just doing my thing!!
Track Name: Ice creamy
Ice creamy it's just what I am
A looking backward rollercoaster
falling hard faceplant!
Ice creamy the elegy
Transmogrifying and phasing me daily!

Are you choking back an impure thought?
Should ya not? Should ya?

Ice creamy it's just what we are
Every kind of multicolor wondering how we got far!
Ice creamy the elegy
Transmogrifying and phasing me daily!

I am also versed in the game of subtleties but I pay no joiner's fee!
Track Name: Halloween
hot halloween breath
stale to a nylon mask:
"don't consider me, i'd
sooner sneeze than
part with my dark hood"

say, are you serious?
yes as a heart attack!
why don't you make me?
i don't make garbage,
just burn it like i should

just burn it like i should (hot halloween breath)
(eczema bubbles, with a sore throat sterile, sour.
anxious, starchy,
i'm breathing in time with my wristwatch
and everything else is fun-sized)

and i don't know my lines just yet.
do you know what i'm thinking?
my speech is stuck,
my mind is drunk
on words caught in the chinking.
so, ill say!
what a super saturday

god made the river
god even made the lakes
but when he made you
he undoubtedly
made a big mistake
i hope you die!
Track Name: OMg
green a lilly tends to be when moving on more comfortably in the summer
it is all that's right with me that which is free and easy according to comfort
time lies passing well dizzy, reliably it's super sweet or fodder
it is all that's right with me that which is free and easy according to comfort and i dont mean to make a look of disgust but i cannot hide it; i am mortified. so give me something fulfilling or gratifying or i will not hesitate to paralyze. when oxygen and magnesium combine I dont coincide with oxygen and magnesium combining. Down a drain with leaden safety, ill with pitch and sickly warping wonder Write it up and get it out, free and pure? I'd love to, but I'm not sure!
Track Name: Kiss Wink Emoticon
a fly cant bird but a bird can fly
today i went outside and there were bugs all in my eyes
oh my beloved we are gathered here in song
today i logged in and you got gone

with a kiss wink emoticon
you were there for a second and then you signed off and
i started to think that something went wrong with
my computer but you were still gone with a

kiss wink emoticon (gonna sit around til you sign on, gonna wait around til you come home)

a fly cant learn but a bird can sing
today i went outside and there were bugs on everything
please point your browser
no! youre doing it all wrong
today i logged out and you logged on
today i logged in and you got gone
Track Name: Glass Cookie
I am my own son and with every song, I am a dog (every song I'm a dog pissin on a tree)! A kindly life bears a lame sick blatant ignoring and further on contempt so comforting! Well if I'm a glass cookie, you're a caramel daisy! You poke at me, as do the blues outside. If I'm being histrionic, a little stupid or moronic, don't look to me when you cry!
Track Name: Blood
wondrous things were supposed to happen
triumphant organs supposed to blare
crowds and streamers and bells and whistles
tickertape parades and county fairs

but i don't know where or why but
i have swallowed so much blood today!
too much, too much i'm too afraid to say!

my teeth are all stained red
and the vertigo in my head
causes me to swing in every which way
the ticking gauge of balance
perched between each little ear
has vanished! disappeared!

scratching scabs off my elbows
tonguing my gums and tasting cud
come rib my dereliction!
don't miss my molars in the mud
Track Name: Talk To The White Girl
Today you shine on the undeserving, calling for me and pulling it down may you shine on me undeservingly drawing to me and knocking it down- knock it down! but when I started to struggle, that's when he told me to talk to the white girl cuz she's the only one looking for me!!
Track Name: Merry
Lo, the merry deth o rain, fall hard for his Merry deth!
when white sky's cryin thats when she looks the best thank God for kind Females oooo thank My god for the coffin nail and when He's trying thats when It feels the best rain pours hard for nothing tears fall hard for somethin...
cos ((when i was a kitten i held it all DAM close to my chest i tried my best but ill just sigh it away, hold my breath as long as i can, be a merry man (death)
Track Name: Blue Blood
1 night I was trying to find
something and make it mine
but all the mammals swam away

And then you came to me
showed me new biologies and
then I knew with you I'd stay!

Something I lack????
Some way I act must give me

Blue blood blue blood
Blue blood Blue blood
Blue Blood Blue blood
Track Name: Enamel
oh me oh my
they say loose lips sink ships
well i am just like

and i'm drown drown drown drowning in it
we've drowned, drowned in it

say you'll be penelope
and i am ulysses
momma's lip sunk our ship
now we're all going crazy

and we're drown drown drown drowning in it
we've drowned, drowned in it

tell him
we're just a hypothetical
i swear i swear by stars and sun
momma's lip just got me won

just tell him
i'm sure i will regret it
and sing this song just like the one
that sank the ship and bit my tongue

now we're treading water like
leaden enamel animals
and with all of my clambering
i'm nearly impenetrable

'cause i'm stuck struck struck struck enamored in it
and i think you're stuck, enameled like sin
enamel-like skin
Track Name: Doe
i scratched up my face while sleeping, i bit off my nails today. my stomach has shrunk due to lack of good eating,
i down all my meals in puree.
thru the firetruck, i could see you werent sober

please dont go the night before i come to say im sorry for your dad your mom your brothers and the car dont go the night before, i fell i fawned i slipped away i broke the key and left it in the door

girls are all condensed messes, inside and out a-tangle askew. this one chewed her pigtails for fifteen years, relished the flavor of her favorite shampoo
Track Name: Wishbone
we played who could hold
their breath longer
from the start of the
tunnel till the end
and you put up your hands

what should i call it
when i turn my
eyes from the movie
on the audience
what should i call it

the girl who let me put my fingers in her mouth
on the swings and even longer on the couch
i put flashlights on your sleepingeyes
and yelled

pull on my middle and pointer until they crack and crease
i'm disjointed, splintered, stillborn and bitter
you can have the bigger piece

i'll be your wishbone wishbone wishbone
i'll be your wishbone wishbone wishbone
i'll be yours if you'd just breathe

i'll be your wishbone wishbone wishbone
i'll be your wishbone wishbone wishbone
push me up a few daisies

i didn't mean to drown
the river pulled me down
all tangled up in blankets of
turquoise and green
i may not have a body but i can hear your plea
and i will take your fingers, i'll linger and keep your wishbone
Track Name: Television Snow
i am not a sugar cube,
i don't melt when i go out in rain!
here she stands in kitchened hue,
the bread knife the serrated blade

i feel guilty just for breathin
accidental misery
false preganancy
when all i've got left are my bones,
my bones my bones

what do you do when you're alone?
do you draw all your dreems on an empty throne,
sit around and read the dictionary?
when all that's left are my bones my bones and
i'm buried to my neck in television snow,
i might come by so save a seat for me.