Turn It Off!

by Secret Beach

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Our second full length!!!!


released August 10, 2013

Matthew Magelof, Nicole Zumpano
Thanks to Michelle Matthews, Josh Ban, Ian Marr



all rights reserved


Secret Beach New York, New York

Secret Beach is Matt Magelof and Nicole Zumpano

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Track Name: Cockroach girlfriend
Half empty or half full...that's about a glass if you were wondering. Please tell me that it's natural that my billfold's smaller than my attention span, and the room is so hot that I need an electric fan! Half empty or half full...that's my tank of gas if you were wondering. Please tell me that it's natural that I can't help spend more than I save, but the future's so bright that I've got to wear shades!! I miss you like a pebble in my shoe, the proof is in the pudding sugar, aim to fix your view onto something soft and hold it like a fly in the ointment and then wash it away! Fly cockroach girlfriend and wash it away!!
Track Name: Him alone
My head it feels so heavy and my neck it is an aching. My mind is wrought and sweetly lucid...waters shaking! My weary body from one single day, it begs for repose, I lay for it alone! But I'd incline to recline, if only for her alone. &I'd incline to recline, but only for him alone!
Track Name: No brains
SO stirring uplifting, sparking inside, hot irons heating still. Reaching further, forward-looking, projecting something large...something larger than large! I've got no brains! No patient bloodshot visionary, catatonic actualities starting down on me and I won't see how stuck up ill inferiorities can retain some sick priority treading unto me; plus, I've got no brains!
Track Name: Nicepersonism
Fussy, fading as it arrives, anything that I do will send it away and I'm afraid to sigh too deeply and keep the boulevard from taking my place. I wish for success and health to all my friends my family but not myself!

It's a nicepersonism that's comin around
A nice time to seriously shift, and maybe we can slow down?
It's my nicepersonism that's comin out a nice time to seriously drift off and we should slow it down; maybe that's what it's all about!
Track Name: Cryin like it's dyin
I'm a tourist in my hometown, I'm a stranger in a land not foreign! It's a hail and farewell-- acting like some kind of treasure, acting like something's to measure. I'm a florist in my greenhouse, but the trees and the greenery are dead and rotten! I'm a square caramel, acting like something's important, acting like it's not all distorted. Like people getting goosebumps, a baby realizing that it's a thing that's living and it starts cryin! Cryin like it's dyin!
Track Name: Eyeteeth
Don't try to tell me to sit down when you know I'm standing up. Don't ask me if I want some sugar, no thanks I'm sweet enough! Turn the key on the dream. Put your ear to the ground to see that the cat ate the rat it's delicious and fat for a cat with its eyes on meat. Don't even tell me to slow down when you know I'm speeding up! Don't ask me if I want some sugar, no thanks I'm sweet enough! Like the rat in the trap, I'm so skittish, concussed, I'm the black cat sippin from a broken cup and trying to find sharp objects to cut. Cut my eyeteeth on something extraordinarily wrong; something catastrophically dull makes me feel strong! There's no need to clean your room, just shut the lights off and soon all of the mess and the claustrophobia will prune!!
Track Name: Turn it off!
Brought my handset battery in the shower and tried to tap the cell phone tower. Pulled on the dial as hard as I can, as hard as I can stand. I closed my pointer in the shower door, just to see what I was searching for. The poor little puppet probably don't agree...you probably don't agree, but we aren't speaking, I was just saying...can you turn it off? Cuz I'm done playing! Brought the transceiver with me in the shower, tried to tap a radio tower!
Track Name: Pillow
I know that you want me part of some kind of lonely class and crew, be with you and I know that you think it crucial to standup bright with your light and youthfully strain right through, be with you and all my vacancies are killing me! I dont care that you tempt me to be part of your wicked specialty, as a rule - super cool! What else is there to do but make the bed and punch punch the pillow? Fucked if I know!
Track Name: Flattery
You're a good looking couple, you should get married someday! Goat bleating, out like a light, funny!! Throat bare, frock thin, a smattering. Flattery don't charge these batteries. &I'm a slave to the hand of fate: yes master! Let it rot, crumbling after, and if this is a test, I'm failing!!
Track Name: Duplicity and knowing
One comes to wonder how one may go on, broken. It seems like any other would turn and run, sore and swollen. But the main thing survives, that every other goes on like; nothing ever bothered to mention duplicity in knowing. Tonight, I am the cloud over myself. I am the lurid reliving of a sea in a conch shell.

Thusly pang, drink me in and spill me out! Like every time, sidestepping and tearing down! &Tonight, I am the cloud overgrowing and nothing ever bothered to mention duplicity in knowing. &No one ever bothered to mention duplicity and knowing.